Cédric Rivrain

(b. 1977, France. Lives and works in Paris.)

Rivrain is a self-taught artist, who learned his practice by looking from an early age at his father’s medical and anatomical books. Following his arrival in Paris in the late nineties, he quickly became one of the most in demand fashion illustrators and worked closely with the likes of Martine Sitbon, John Galliano at Dior, Hermès, and Lanvin. Since then his practice has evolved towards painting. In the last decade, his canvases have been exhibited in galleries (Balice Hertling, Shanaynay, Bonny Poon, Treize, …) and art fairs (Fiac, Art Basel, Independent NY, Art-O-Rama, …) He has developed collaborations with fellow artists Puppies Puppies, Will Benedict, and Paul P.

Photo ©2021 Rodrigue Fondeviolle

Artist’s website

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