Cédric Rivrain: Selected Drawings


November 2011

64 pages (28 color illustrations)

ISBN: 978-2-9539788-0-3

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The artist Cédric Rivrain presents a distorted, figurative work, filled with an aesthetic and sensual charge. His book offers a selection of 28 drawings inspired by three distinct universes – fashion, the study of the human body, and medical dressings – which the artist brings together through a single motif: beauty.

This collection of original works has been reproduced on a 1:1 scale. This graphical parti pris allows the reader to enter into the frame of the drawing and to discover a work of surgical precision mixed with the use of original materials, such as eye shadow, nail polish. The chromatic range from pale yellow to dusty pink, passing by steel blue, aligns with the fineness of the lines, whose fragility enclose hidden treasures.

The foreword is signed by artist Paul P., a friend of the author, and it lends, from the first page of the book, a character of profound sincerity.

Dimensions 38 × 28 × 1 cm




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