Alex Hubbard

(b. 1975, USA. Lives and works in Los Angeles)

Hubbard is a graduate of the Whitney Independent Study Program, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Working in painting, sculpture, and video, Hubbard blurs the distinctions between different media by exchanging the rules that govern them. An interest in gesture, layered compositions, objects as tools, immediacy and restlessness, and playfulness can be found in all of his works. Working with his own idiosyncratic processes in a multifaceted studio environment where one body of work often serves as the forerunner to the next, Hubbard has created pigmented urethane casts with a homemade oven, crafted one-person barrooms from shipping crates, and spliced together painterly images in dynamic video works—to highlight just a few of his most formative projects.

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